Maintain a beautiful look at your commercial or residential property

Go With The Power Washing Experts In Katy, TX

We began offering the highest quality pressure washing in the area in 2005 when we were Pressure Washing Katy. Today we still provide efficient, high quality and affordable pressure washing services to clients throughout Katy and all of Houston! Ensure that your home or commercial property looks its very best by contacting the most experienced company in Katy for all your power washing projects!

Residential Pressure Washing in Katy

Everybody wants their home to look fresh and clean. We can get your home looking like new and keep it looking great with our residential pressure washing services.

Our team always takes the time to carefully clean your home, resulting in a fresh exterior that you can be excited to come home to.

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Commercial Pressure Washing in Katy

Whether you run a business or manage a commercial property, it’s important to ensure that the building’s exterior looks attractive and clean. Trust our experienced technicians to bring out the best at your property with our professional commercial power washing services<.

You want to create an excellent first impression with potential clients and tenants. .

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Nearly A Decade Of Experience Power Washing In Katy

We have the equipment and the skills needed to get the job done right the first time!

Our talented team meticulously cleans the exterior of your home including driveways, fences, houses, decks, patios and porches. With special detergents that actually kill the mold and mildew, we do more than just remove most of the stains. When we’re done, the result is a clean and fresh property that you can be proud of.

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Getting The Highest Quality Doesn't Always Mean Paying The Highest Price

We Prodly Offer Top Quality Pressure Washing For Katy, TX Residents And Business Owners!

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Pressure Washing America, LLC Does Power Washing Right In Katy - And Has Been Since 2005!

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